Public Documents


    Request for access to official documents under the Freedom of Information Act, 1999.

      The Freedom of Information Act 1999 was created to extend the right of members of the public authorities by:

    (a)    making available to the public information about the operations of the public authorities and in particular ensuring that the authorizations, policies, rules and                practices affecting members of the public in their dealings with public authorities are readily available to persons affected by those authorization policies, rules and
    practices and

    (b)      creating  a general right of access to information in documentary form in the possession of public authorities limited only by exceptions and exemptions necessary
    for the protection of essential public interest and the private and business affairs of persons in respect of whom information is collected and held by public authorities

              To request access to an official document: Please fill out and submit the Freedom of Information Request for Access to Official Document(s) held by a Public                Authority. 
              You may only apply for access to documents that are not already in the public domain.

                    (Readily available to members of the public)